Ferranini Shoes and Boots

Ferracini founded in 1984 in the city of Franca, Ferracini 24h footwear is Brazil’s largest footwear manufacturer with 7,000 shoes crafted daily. Since then, Ferracini has established itself as a worldwide brand exported to 45 countries, synonymous with European style and class with modern design and quality raw materials. Ferracini envelopes a variety of styles from casual, business and sport shoes. But no matter what style you require, Ferracini shoes have a level of comfort that is unsurpassed in the footwear industry.

At Roadhouse shop Ferracini’s wide range of quality leather footwear for all occasions. Shop a wide range of casual footwear sporting genuine leather uppers with comfortable soles that ensure durability and comfort for the day-to-day life.  The Ferracini sole is also made with an even more lightweight composite material than the traditional rubber. A shock absorber set inserted in the shoe heel provides a soft, smooth and no impact walking, even after hours standing or moving.

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For your next social event shop Ferracini’s range of social footwear sporting sophisticated and elegant designs, made with high quality leather with unique cuts, mounted on leather soles. A unique insole construction system that makes the user a few centimetres higher. The result is a beautiful, comfortable and discreet shoe.

Wanting to look good during the summer months? Shop Ferracini’s range of summer footwear sporting leisure aesthetics with attractive colours, comfort and a mix of lightweight materials. Through its valve connected to the sweat collecting channels, Ferracini summer shoes are made to expel heat and moisture - keeping your feet dry and comfortable during summer.

Ferracini is perfect for the man who is passionate about the adventure of living, being in the world and exploring it in his own way, who knows well what he wants, whether in life or in fashion. Demanding, his look conveys freedom with attitude, always comfortably.

Ferracini Shoes and Boots of genuine leather with comfortable soles that guarantee the durability and the comfort for the day to day. A style that always invests in strength and identity and is not afraid to dare. Combines with a mix of styles ranging for jeans, suits, chinos and pants.

Ferracini Fly technology lends more light to your routine, making your walk more comfortable.

Footwear by Ferracini with this technology eliminates at least 35% of the total weight of a common pair. Physically, a pair of traditional shoes or boots has an average weight of 1.2 kg. With Fly technology, the weight is reduced to 760 grams!

In addition to the sole, produced in EVA, the components of each model with this technology are chosen to make the shoe lighter, without taking away from the quality and durability Ferracini is known for. Shop Ferracini made in Brazil.

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