With over 100 years of Shoe-making experience Dr Martens have an extensive history of rebellious self-expression since their founding in 1901. The footwear of choice for youth and subcultures, Dr Martens leather boots and shoes have been the face of music and popular youth culture since the 1960 with the birth of the classic 1460. At Roadhouse shop an extensive range of leather, including Smooth, Nappa, Greasy as well as vegan boots and shoes Dr. Martens have been called Doctor Martens, Docs, DM’s and styles such as the 1490, 1914, 1461, 8053, 2976, Chelsea, Saxon, Vonda,   Pascal and the icon 1460 also known as the 8 up and  8 eye.

A British design icon, the 1460/8-eye boot/8-up boot is the iconic Dr Martens leather boot. Named after the date of its creation, 1st April 1960, the 1460 is synonymous with rebellious self-expression by individuals from all walks of life. Crafted with high-quality, durable leathers, the 1460 in smooth black, cherry red, Nappa and other finishes are built to last and will only get better with time. The 1460 lace-up boot features the iconic Dr Martens air-cushioned sole for slip and oil resistance and long-life.

At Roadhouse Shop the classic Dr Martens 3 eye leather shoe – the 1461. The second style manufactured by Dr Martens, the 1461 sports durable smooth leather, with air-cushioned sole with good slip and oil resistance. The perfect shoe to make a statement casually, look good at work, or those looking for hardwearing school shoes.

Shop a variety of leather lace-up shoes, boots, Mary-Janes and zip-side boots for kids of all ages. Shop mini-versions of adult classic or redesigns for little feet. Whether completing your school uniform or formal wear, look great and smart with Dr Martens range of long lasting leather docs for kids.

As the original British factory boot manufacturer, Dr Martens have perfected their industrial safety footwear with their new line of Steel-toe boots. At Roadhouse shop a wide range of Dr Martens Safety footwear with built in memory foam footbed, durable and slip-resistant PVC-welted soles, padded collars and antibacterial properties to keep the foot dry. Work different with Dr Martens industrial safety toe boots at Roadhouse.

Keep care of your new Docs with Dr Martens line of shoe care products. Shop DM’s special formula shoe polish to condition and protect your shoes from rain and stains. Protect your collection of 8-upswith Dr Martens branded Wonder Balsam – a blend of coconut oil, and beeswax perfect for cleaning and protecting your leather shoes against water and keep the leather soft and supple for years of enjoyment.

Roadhouse offers you the choice of all of Dr Martens most popular styles including 1460, 1461, 1490, Pascal, Vonda, Hynine ST, Icon 7B10, 1B99, Vegan Docs, 8-ups, 10-ups, 6-ups, 3-ups, Cherry Red docs, Smooth Black leather and many other great styles from legends in British footwear.

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