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Birkenstock uses only high-quality materials, whether they are leather or animal free. The leather used for Birkenstock® uppers is approximately 3mm thick and very supple. Each contour in a Birkenstock footbed is precisely placed to stretch, flex and move naturally. Together, your feet benefit from free movement, constant exercise, and improved circulation, resulting in long-lasting comfort and better health

At 247 years old in 2021, Birkenstock has become a modern fashion Icon throughout the world; renowned for its craftsmanship and comfortability. The company traces its roots back to 1774 when Johan Adam Birkenstock was first listed as a ‘subject and cobbler’ in the church archives of small German town Langen-Bergheim. The Birkenstock’s continued their family legacy through the 19th and 20th centuries manufacturing and selling flexible footbed insoles and developing the first contoured arch support in 1902. The Birkenstock we know today was first introduced in the 1960’s by Karl Birkenstock; deciding to design shoes featuring the foot bed insole. Birkenstock sandals are made in Germany using their own manufacturing facilities with a mixture of hand-built processes and machine manufacturing ensuring the highest standard of quality. Each Birkenstock sandal and shoe incorporates 4 distinct layers into the complete shoe; a shock absorbent sole, two layers of jute fibres, a firm and supportive orthopaedic cork footbed finished with a lining of soft suede.

In selected styles shop the Birkenstock Soft Footbed. This alternate footbed offers all the goodness of the classic Birkenstock footbed with an extra layer of foam inserted between the suede footbed liner and the cork layer. These are perfect for those looking for support with a little less firmness in their footbeds. Whilst not offering as much orthopaedic benefit, Birkenstock Soft Footbed sandals are a great option for older family members and those with Plantar Fasciitis.

Birkenstock is also famed for their professional work footwear. For your medical, nursing, kitchen and hospital work needs look no further than Birkenstocks range of clogs the Super and Profi-Birki. Each professional clog is constructed with water-resistant and dirt-repellent polyurethane, has an oil and grease resistant outer sole, and an interchangeable footbed. These resilient clogs are washable up to 80° C and ideal for medical environments, kitchens and even out and about in the garden. For an even sturdier design, shop the A 640 with built in steel-cap toes for added protection.

For the kids, Roadhouse sells both of Birkenstocks most popular sandal styles, Arizona and Gizeh, in children’s sizes. Give your children the gift of supportive footwear with sandals in both open-back and back-strap designs, as well as shoes for everyday comfort wear.

For around the beach and the pool shop Birkenstock EVA’s (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) – a high quality, light and shock absorbent material. The footbed offers a high level of comfort and support similar to the original footbed with the added benefit of being washable, odour-free and being able to get wet.

Not just a sandal manufacturer, Birkenstock continues to produce winter shoes and casual boots for men and women. Employing the same comfortable and supportive footbed the company is famous for; these shoes and boots employ the same great quality materials ensuring that you can wear Birkenstock’s in any weather and for any occasion. Despite Birkenstocks growing popularity as a fashion icon and brand, the footwear giant hasn’t sacrificed any of its comfort or quality design as it continues to explode in popularity. At Roadhouse, shop Birkenstocks range of the latest shoes and footwear, as well as its eternal classics including Arizona, Boston, Florida, Gizeh, London, Madrid, Mayari, Milano, Profi Birki, Super Birki and many, many other great styles from the greatest footwear engineers on the planet.

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