Caterpillar (CAT)

CAT's Colorado boot was born in 1991 from a construction company nearly a century older and it shows. Full grain leather, steel toe caps, deep tread sole with a Goodyear welt, thick padded ankle and a digger on the heel, they drew on the aesthetic of the company's heavy equipment and were boldly tagged "Walking Machines”. The distinctive logo is blocky, black and yellow: the colour of a truck, hazards signs and – coincidentally - the Wu. High quality work boots were a staple shoe of East Coast rap acts like the Wu-Tang Clan and Mobb Deep who were fastidious about ruggedness, and this special pivot between fashion and function quickly spread out all over the world through posters, music videos and album sleeves. A pair of honey-coloured toe caps and thick boot laces can already be spotted on "DJ Hands” in a 1990 Hip Hop Special on the BBC's 'The Clothes Show' and I can still remember older cousins pointing to the fact that CATs were so heavy to wear with real pride when we were growing up in the mid-90s.

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